Life Activation opens the door for the flow of life with majestic harmony. In receiving the Life Activation, our integral light codes corresponding to the Tree of Life, which is the blueprint of Human DNA, are illuminated. With the illumination comes an enhanced state of self awareness allowing one to truly see where the inner healing is required. The inner knowledge transpires self healing in order to "be the change" we wish to see in the world. 
The Good News is: we are not alone.  The flowing of celestial light energy into the DNA structure can produce instantaneous coherence where that particular light code now reflects the whole. Turning the lights on in our DNA structure is the dawn of both meaningful and valuable contributions by the individual for humanity.  So much more becomes available to us as we begin to light up energetically with our inner guidance system; a system with good to all concerned. 
As Healers, Light Workers, and Spiritual Warriors, we rise to the occasion. It is an honor serving others with celestial light. Indeed, as a trusted servant, one is connected to their inner guidance system and Divine life flows through them into their channels of service. Free of negative ego, the individual receiving the activation bestows greater life force to "suit up and show up". Being free of the resistance to Divine flow, the Universe can use the “activated life” in miraculous ways for the greater good. The shift in perception occurs where I am no longer seeking outside of myself for fulfillment and therefore can enjoy all things outside of myself because I AM whole. The shift in perception comes from receiving celestial light into the master cell of the body known as the pineal gland. The Life Activation reveals itself as we begin to have a Spiritual Awakening. This is just the beginning. The unveiling of distorted perception continues as we continue to consciously grow. It is great fun to discover the beauty of our Divine nature within our soul structure and experience the physical journey from wholeness. I find that what I was really seeking "out there" was placed right here “inside.” Our confusion comes from trying to make sense of the external environment prior to our investigation of our inner quality. Life Activation guides us to the inner infinite where mandatory action is illuminated for good and for all. Life Activation is the first step towards accepting our Divine life contracts and manifesting this ecstatic victory called Shamballah.  
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