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Deep Space Spiritual Healings


Deep Space Spiritual Healings assist with dissolving the veils of ignorance by tuning both the human's energetic centers and light body consciousness. These healing modalities can be solely received or accompanied with other healings depending on the level of desired empowerment. As a certified Healer within The Modern Mystery School, I have been granted the authority to facilitate self-healing.  

The individual sessions consist of a series of ritual practices and mantras devoted to work within the 5 bodies of consciousness (also known as our light bodies). Our light bodies are the gateway to the greater consciousness of life. Spiritual healings allow for Infinite Consciousness to replenish and regenerate our energetic being. The healings hold the power of ancient lineage that has been handed down from mouth to ear for over 8000 years in secret mystery schools. The Modern Mystery School is a "working mystery school" meaning the teachings are available to everyone today not just high priest and priestess or royal blood lines. We have 3 main key holders titled the Third Order. The responsibility of the Third Order is to administer and maintain the purity of the lineage and its teachings. In addition, we have a council of 12 consisting of high level initiates serving as global leadership. Our teachings and healings are protected by The Hierarchy of Light for service to humanity on this earth. 

The Deep Space Spiritual Healings are purchased as a package of SEVEN and can be used anytime from date of purchase for 356 days:

Chakra Awakening 

Tree of Life Awakening

Shamanic Aura Clearing

Soul Retrieval

ELEVENTH Codon Reading

The Spark of Life 

Light Laser Healing

Magic Circle
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