Life Activation is a unique addition empowering the higher consciousness community. It provides a framework for a life beyond our wildest dreams. Although it is an ancient modality handed down mouth to ear for over 5000 years; Life Activation is an innovative approach to enlightenment by speeding up the evolutionary process of dissolving the negative ego. It mandates suitable Human development thereby manifesting sustainable ecosystems.

We have the power to let go of ego identification by accepting the greater awareness of who we are and what we are doing here. As Light Beings, the process of our alignment with The Hierarchy of Light begins to present Spiritual Principles as a way of life. We come to the understanding there is a master program level ascension that we are within here and our alignment with the Light activates our evolution. The Light Codes are governing on the Earth plane and our wisdom of them greatly assist us in harnessing our full Human power. We awake and our understanding to the master program of life and the ascension levels within it.

In our appropriation of the Spiritual Principles, illumination from within prolifically expands connecting the light within all living things simultaneously and our eternal paths to greater light continuously ascends developing greater capacity for sustainable ecosystems.

It's our passion accompanying you in feeling both empowered by your inner guidance system and enriched with genuine wholeness. The Prosperity Healings, Meditation Guidance, Yoga Instruction and Life Activation protocol provides our clients with tailored one on one mastership here on the Earth-ship.


Its our pleasure stepping forth serving all of our clients with the Life Activation healing experience. Life Activation is an ancient modality handed down from mouth to ear over thousands of years through a noble lineage. Great space cultivation allows flowing light energy from Healer to Client where giving and receiving the Life Activation are ineffable. In preparation of the Life Activation, client magnetic and elemental fields are balanced along with etheric body and chakra system. With the subtle body in sequence with natural order, it is now ready to receive the activation.

Life Activation is a process of sending light with a Shamanic wand into the Universal Tree of Life which lays genetically symmetric to Human DNA, the sacred geometric energy structure of the body. The light activates the master cell of the body known as the pineal gland into its intended design for supernatural Human existence. In addition, the light replenishes and supports the development of the energy body where all wellness manifests. The pineal gland also known as the "third eye" or Ajna chakra is the gateway to our higher Human individual potential. Some of the qualities bestowed upon a Human with an opening "third eye" are divine love, connection, discernment, decisiveness, focus and optimal behavior patterns supporting us in our Human development. The Universal Tree of Life carrying Human DNA thereby carrying Human bestows light codes corresponding to mind, thought, nervous system, brain, blood system, respiration system, aura layers, muscular system, skin system, will and intuition. In sending light to these energy patterns, we are activating them, thereby awakening "the principal seat of the soul" said best by French mathematician Rene Descartes in his Treatise to Man. 

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