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One on One Prosperity Healing

The One on One Prosperity Healing is a 90 day (90 hour commitment) where foundational empowerment is set in motion. Life Activation is the foundational empowerment. The subsequent healings address the emotional body through the Max Meditation System™.  The 3rd healing is a sacred chord cutting where all negative emotional bonds are removed. The Spiritual work is magnified working together to remove all negative spells and previous commitments made by you (known and unknown) that no longer serve the highest expressions of the foundation of empowerment.  Once the crystal clear cleanliness of our new foundation is realized, we then move into the purification of our light and good spell casting. This process accelerates cultivation of Divine virtues. At this point, the navigation system within the humanoid initiates self healing and conscious manifestation becomes possible. We then enter into the next stage of uplift where one learn's to fly! This is a dynamic healing that uses flying as the platform for exponential growth. Your flight instructor is a highly skilled aviator holding advanced Instructor licenses as well as 10 years experience flying private business jets globally. The One on One flying adventure perpetuates higher abilities as knowledge of one's Divine being commences the "action of passion". The final expression of the One on One Prosperity is within the etheric body. Here, one fully embodies the Higher Self.  The wisdom developed and the Spiritual tools acquired within this healing can be applied to every stage of growth in The Miracle of Life (the idea that liberation is now). 

Components include:

1. Life Activation

2. Max Meditation System™

3. Chord Cutting/Spell Removal/Good Spell Casting

4. Conscious Manifestation

5. Sport Pilot Flight Instruction

Each candidate will be evaluated prior to selection. One must be in reasonably good health for the strenuous nature of this program. There are further requirements for the flying portion of the program. There are no refunds for the program; it requires a commitment. 

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