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Sacred Geometry and Astral Travel "Cosmology" Class

Greetings! Learn how to Astral Travel using the keys to heaven, known as Sacred Geometry. The science and art of the origin and development of the universe is discovered in these ancient teachings. Every object that is seen and every particle that is unseen, whether it is architecture, nature, or air molecules, geometric shape is there. 

In these 2 class, we learn how to work with sacred geometry as the vehicle for our astral travel. Astral travel gives us a greater sense of who we are, why we are here, and what is available to us in our manifestation growing and learning. The process of working with simple shapes allows for alignment with conscious manifestation. This process utilizes an alchemic method of transmutation and transformation. The world and everything in it, including HUMANS is created with cosmology. 

The sacred geometry and astral class uses simple, easy to use, techniques that allow you to use this process daily. In our practice with the keys to heaven as a vehicle to manifest our lives, we create a harmonized connection to all life everywhere.

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