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Unload and Roll

When something in our lives is unmanageable, it's time to unload and roll. It's an aerobatic maneuver phrase for removing the power out of the sit...

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Karma lives in the Chakras

There is karma associated with playing God in others lives. It is both codependency and feeling unworthy of giving “what has been revealed” to ours...

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Staying Power

The process of overcoming the ignorance of being separated from the Tree of Life is called Life Activation. Life Activation is the "first of three ...

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Heavenly Food

When we begin to internalize the idea that God is our source of supply, our actions demonstrate our ability to rely upon our God consciousness. Thi...

Harnessing Light, Power, and Health

We have the power to let go of ego identification by accepting the greater awareness of who we are and what we are doing here. As Light Beings, the process of our alignment with The Hierarchy of Light begins to present Spiritual Principles as a way of life. We come to the understanding there is a master program level ascension that we are within here and our alignment with the Light activates our evolution. The Light Codes are governing on the Earth plane and our wisdom of them greatly assist us in harnessing our full Human power. We awake and our understanding to the master program of life and the ascension levels within it.

It's our passion accompanying you in feeling both empowered by your inner guidance system and enriched with genuine wholeness. The Prosperity Healings, Meditation Guidance, Yoga Instruction and Life Activation protocol provides our clients with tailored one on one mastership here on the Earth-ship.

This is all so amazing! Feeling so good by cultivating positive thoughts. Letting go of the past, allowing myself to finally grieve and move on. Not trying to change the world or numb myself. Ahhhh, what a relief. So high on endorphins and happiness. All so motivating and empowering.


Thank you for these gifts. Thank you for you and thank you for guiding me through this. You will never fully comprehend how much this means to me and how much I appreciate you and this. I AM eternally grateful.


Something MIRACULOUS is going on in the universe. It's been 6 weeks since my Full Spirit Activation. Today, my daughter Samantha contacted me after 14 years. This is unchartered waters for me. We talked for almost 4 hours. We set aside time to re-connect soon. I am extremely excited, shocked at the same time. THANK YOU!!

Micheal "HAP HAP"

Goddess Amielle, Talk about igniting my creative process, bar none! I am excited to integrate my recent experience in my testimony. With the aim of opening people's hearts to the love of the light. Rituals, Rituals, Rituals 👁 Thank you, Goddess Amielle. Thank you, Hierarchy of Light, Marie
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