There was a line to get into heaven at the pearly gates. A Pilot arrived and noticed the line, then went directly to the front where sat St. Peter. The Pilot said, I am a Pilot, I get to go right in. Just as she did that, another decided to follow her lead and approached the gate and said, I am an Author. I'm not just any 'ole author, I am an author of Spirituality. I get to go right in, right? Just as she said that, another came forward and said, I am a CEO, surely you have my mastery of business-sense. Just as he said that, a warrior of great triumph whistled forward and said, I am both a Doctor and a Ritual Master, surely I am at the top of the list. At once, a wind of energy preceded the rhythm of someone approaching the gates and as the individual got closer, the entire fortress illuminated, the air became so rich, it invoked the entire line to take a deep breath simultaneously.  The ether commenced vibrating at a frequency bringing calmness and serenity to all concerned. The group of worldly professionals stood there perplexed. This light force went right through the gates with no communication to St. Peter at all. The group all looked up at St. Peter disgruntled. Then, something interesting happened, the energy of the light passing them by revealed a fast reflection of the worldly professional's earthly lifetime. Silently, they held the same insidious thought: did I choose the wrong thing?
In one voice, they looked up at St. Peter and collectively said:
"Oh, well yes!" said St. Peter. "That is GOD; however, sometimes she thinks she is a Pilot, Author, CEO, Doctor, and Ritual Master."
Magic Circle
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