Our time is precious and finite. Time is a non-renewable resource and how we spend our time makes a valuable difference in the quality of our lives. The talents and gifts attributed to each and every one of us are engineered in a way tho be fully realized during our physical experience. Spiritual business consultation is the process of collaborating with another Spiritually evolved soul to integrate one's gifts and talents beginning with "the idea" and completing with "the results".
The dedicated time together, in the workings of "the idea", is founded on the awareness that we are more than our bodies and we are greater than our thoughts. The Soul dedicated to the Spiritual Experience of an idea is guided through the evolution of an idea through the evolution of themselves. Oftentimes, we cannot see how the investment in ourselves in the greatest investment in our idea. We, in essence, sell ourselves short but just paying for others to give us the solution. While working as a team and with multiple elements is encouraged, it is not the basis from which worthwhile success becomes possible. In this Spiritual Business consultation, one will be given an outline for "the work" that is suggested based on Spiritual principles. The Spiritual Business Consultation creates a plan of action allowing for the joy of creation; instead of needing the result of the creation to have joy. 
This the magick of Spiritual Business Consultation. It places the value of our personal development first. It honors the energy exchange between the Spiritual guide and the Client. Overall, it releases the limiting beliefs surrounding why your creation may not work. 
The exchange of energy for the Spiritual business consultation is based on the magnitude of results the Spiritual guide currently anchors; as well as the value of time. Everything is energy including money when a healer or teacher gives away their services and time to everyone for free there is an underlying story that is created. One that disempowers the healer and makes it almost impossible for them to do their work; not to mention, it disempowers the individual receiving the guidance as well. Our beliefs create our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. The Spiritual Business Consultation is an empowering discussion that establishes a foundation of worthwhile success.
Magic Circle
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