Most of us, now understand, we are not alone. We have come to believe, indeed, we have a connection to an invisible means of support. Our increasing ability to work with the "forces of good" ignites our fullest potential. We heavenly rely on our bond with our Higher Self. In this guided meditation, we enter in our sacred sanctuary. Here, we open the door into our Higher Self. 
The Sanctuary Mediation™ is a sacred journey kept secret for 1000's of years in the secret mystery schools. It has now been made available to authorized teachers and healers by the only mystery school open to the public, The Modern Mystery School™.  Sanctuary Meditation is lead by Mrs. Marcotte, a certified teacher and healer with The Modern Mystery School™  in The lineage of King Salomon.
Sanctuary Meditation™ is guided in its original handing down from mouth to ear, from Teacher to Student for over 8000 years. Do prepare yourself for a guided meditation into your highest expression of you!
Magic Circle
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