Alchemically, fire is required to ignite our creative process. Once an idea is ignited, we then can work with the other elements: air, water, earth to bring our idea in the physical in its highest form. The process of creation is an inspiring process in light of the fact that we as an individual are transforming and evolving into something greater than before.

The Spark of Life is a life modality to get the electricity flowing in accordance with your will. It is great for stagnation or resistance within the transformation of our minds. It is also equally valuable to take it to the next level when things are going very well. The Spark of Life can also assist with overcoming "wrong meaning" of words or "misunderstanding of a situation" which oftentimes leaves dis-ease in the body. A morphogenetic layer resembling a tree overlays the physical body and it often called our light body. The light work is done in this field of the physical body; specifically, the sacrum in this healing. The Spark of Life can be/and is as effective when done at a distance as well. The effectiveness of distant healing is well documented in the science community with profound results time and time again. The preparation for the healing is to be hydrated with water.

Magic Circle
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