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Incoming!!!! Empower Thyself Initiation™

Program dates/location: July 13-14th!  Mercer Island, Washington.

The Empower Thyself Initiation™ is facilitated by a certified Guide in The Modern Mystery School™ in the lineage of King Salomon. The Life Activation and The Full Spirit Activation are the recommended prerequisites for the initiation. 

King Salomon was a remarkable figure in ancient scripture, selected to succeed his father, King David, as heir to the throne. Not only was he granted the power and authority of royalty, but he was also initiated into protected, secret knowledge and wisdom. His deepening understanding of access to the spiritual realm while in the physical enabled him to become a wise and integral ruler. He notably won the trust and favor of his people by integrating the sacred teachings to discern matters of great significance. At only 20 years of age, King Salomon proceeded to devote his reign to the pursuit of a perfected, Universal system of spiritual progression. He gathered healers, shamans, priests and priestesses, medicine men, oracles, and seers to work together in establishing his lineage. Some 3000 years later, the Modern Mystery School™, and its 3rd order, has become the lineage holders of the sacred teachings, activations, and initiations of King Salomon. We opened our doors in 1997, providing a platform for the spiritual awakening of humanity and A PATH OF PROGRESSION for the architects of Shambhala.

Initiation will empower these results:

* Greater understanding of all aspects of yourself.

* Deep and effective action-based, Spiritual rituals.

* Acceleration into living your most profound, Individual reality.

* Creative genesis powers.

* Skillful development of your consciousness.

* Facilitation of Self-healing.

* Transformation of resistance. 

* JOY beyond your wildest dreams.

* Right of passage as a trusted servant of knowledge and wisdom.

The power of practicing and training within the lineage of King Salomon is rooted in our commitment to The Great Work. It is the service devoted to the empowerment of all and the eternal rewards that come with it. The Empower Thyself Initiation™ is a living empowerment to develop one's consciousness. It empowers the Human will to take responsibility for who they are by way of "fruitful action" eternally yielding "good for all." This was King Salomon's genius. He understood the importance of practicing the sacred teachings when his individual devotion led to the discovery of The Life Activation and The Full Spirit Activation. The Modern Mystery School™ is an adventurous and dynamic path of progression. The level of accountability ignites both your inner Warrior and Healer. The Empower Thyself Initiation™ is a living empowerment in order to develop one's consciousness and embody their highest good. It is an opportunity to expand one's spiritual awareness of themselves while living their joy.


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