It's easy to build out the schedule of the day; organize the events of the month, and set the goals of the year. It's so tempting to jump onto the wagon of material accumulation with busyness; especially if we are experiencing usefulness. There is so much time doing "something" to keep up with a self-imposed rhythm of performance principles. These ways of habitually responding to life are ingrained in our subconscious with little or no "superconscious choice" of our own. The distraction of the mind places the physical experience in front of the eternal reality and we become attached to "the chase", "the success", "the security". When self is consumed with caffeine and sugar, it's even worse, because we do dumber things faster never feeling the subtle frequency of true power and guidance. The underlying current of innate guidance awaits us when we let go and are free from suppressed substance (drugs, alcohol, credit cards, excessive eating, sexing, exercising). The experience of feeling our feelings is centering and extremely courageous. It inspires dialogue. It connects us to the ONE in all. Our self awareness is heightened. As we get to know ourselves, we begin to have a choice to self heal and self love. Our actions have greater impact in alignment with who we are underneath the conditioning of our subconscious. We are supported by an innate wisdom that no amount of schooling in the world can teach you.
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