1. GOD, Higher Power, Divine Love

2. The privilege of serving Beautiful Humans

3. Yoga, Flying, doing what I love

4. Purity of Heart

5. Sacrifice my Earth Journey to GOD

1. Infinite Surrender

2. Following through with completion

3. Higher Consciousness

4. Clean and Clear Perception of myself, others and GOD

5. Humility

1. We GET to serve in God's Amusement Park

2. 7 metals Singing Bowls by Benjamin Lobst

3. Being taken care of generously by GOD

4. God, I offer myself to Thee here now

5. Ever increasing Beauty, Bliss, New Happiness

1. Fresh Air

2. Clean Water

3. A gorgeous bed to lay my head while having the sweetest dreams

4. Birds singing GOD's song all day long

5. Surfing with the Dolphins at Emerald Bay

1. A Loving GOD flowing into me as vitality

2. The presence of GOD here now

3. Fasting

4. Universal Law revealing itself to me effortlessly

5. Ever increasing willingness, open and mindedness

1. Honoring the unique paths of ALL

2. Application of Integrity

3. Service Tenfold

4. Pardoning others now

5. Seeking to understand

1. The Joy of the Miracle

2. Angels guiding us

3. The Sunlight of the Spirit

4. Experiencing GOD

5. Moon-dust in my toes as I run to the Surf

1. Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training

2. Flying Private Jets around the world

3. Giving our Clients an impeccable experience.

4. Being useful in God's Kingdom

5. All is Well

1. Acceptance of myself exactly as I AM

2. I GET TO experience bliss

3. Next indicated action

4. Redefining JOY

5. Power of praying for others

1. Beautiful Transitions

2. Being an inlet and outlet for the Great Work

3. Jet-setting LOVE

4. EPIC landings

5. Thy Will Be Done

1. I Give GOD full dominion of my life

2. A life beyond my wildest dreams now

3. Service tenfold

4. I fully and freely forgive

5. Prosperity and Abundance flowing to me, thank you.

1. Higher Power is the greatest show on Earth

2. Emotional Sobriety

3. The bliss after serving others now

4. Totality in GOD

5. Love and Tolerance

1. The Rhythm of Earths Soul

2. We whistle while we work

3. A sincere desire to assist in the Great Work

4. A substantial increase in my financial net income now

5. Flying Powers

1. Healthy in all of my affairs

2. GOD, can you be with me here

3. The GOD idea works

4. Ever increasing courage

5. New Freedom available to me

1. Direct connection to my Creator

2. Godmothers placed in my life as guides

3. Spirit Family


5. Blessings abundance now

1. GOD's Pilot here

2. Ever increasing heart of the Teacher

3. I am here as a child of GOD and ready to serve GOD now

4. Grace

5. Healings being granted now

1. Flying where I love, with people I love, and a Jet I love

2. Safety, Professionalism, Service

3. The fragrance in the Peonie flowers

4. Lotus Blooming Herbs Shilijit

5. A Power Greater than Myself

1. The Great Love Union

2. Worship, dedication, tithing

3. Tenfold return

4. Free-Diving in Hawaii

5. Focus of GOD

1. Being an Astronaut

2. Space travel, flying Astronauts

3. Beyond Earth

4. Gravity

5. Yoga Inversions

1. Meditation and the infinite ways to connect

2. Mental Health is Stealth

3. Observing

4. Divine Presence

5. For the Eternal fun of it

1. Unwavering Faith

2. Higher Power

3. GOD, I am all yours

4. Magnificent day

5. Steadfast in this Being

1. The Dawn of a New Beginning

2. The Tree of Life

3. Pink Clouds

4. Leadership

5. Bougainvillea

1. Life travel

2. Manifesting consciously

3. The Ashram community

4. Globetrotting around the World staying in luxurious accomodations

5. Camel rides in the dessert

1. GODforce

2. How can I do for others today without being found out

3. Miracles in Session

4. Giving freely what we find

5. Carrying the Solution

1. Red Lipstick for fun

2. Radical Shift into even better than before

3. Brahmacharya

4. Yoga Heaven

5. Aspen Village in the Snow, in the Spring, in the Summer

1. Whole Perception

2. Awareness


4. Kathrine Ponder, Unity Church Worldwide

5. Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper

1. Dynamic Living

2. Serving others abundantly

3. Rigorous Honesty

4. Forgiveness of myself and others

5. Flying in grace

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