I AM for good and for all. To activate the I AM, one must accept the responsibility of being a Co-Creator with the one who has all power and all knowledge. If the I AM had a mantra, that mantra would be: for good and for all. 

When an individual becomes aware as a conscious Co-Creator, then that Human is ready to take responsibility with "WHO AM I".  Divine contemplation and observation draws the individual's awareness to what they are attracting. In so, the process of balance and peace within the individual has commenced. 

The dissolution of negative ego gives rise to harmony from within One's Human experience. This is called inner freedom or pure joy. Purification of old ideas and faulty beliefs which once occurred in the mind begin to dissolve. The transformational process, fundamental to the I AM, cultivates a new belief system representative of: for good and for all. 


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  • In a world filled with faulty beliefs, where more and more I find myself surrounded by negative egos, a platform like I AM is precisely the antidote I think I need. Sometimes one finds a healthy way forward through activism or group organization, but perhaps the more significant (and manageable!) change I can make is to the world within myself. I like where I AM is pointing me…

    Marie Heinzig on

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