Our Intelligent center for optimal health is the heart chakra. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is my ability to consciously breathe. The awareness of HRV potential opens a door to play with the life force. There are 3 main elements of air: nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Say it: I AM AIR. At any given time, approximately 6L of air is transversing through the human body. Here, in the land of understanding of the air that we breathe, we can take responsibility for and be marvelously inspired in doing so. Air is an essential requirement, a need, in life. Without it, life is not possible. When is the last time you saw someone alive who wasn’t breathing? The quality of our breath is illuminated here; specifically its cleanliness and heart coherence, as well as my ability to modulate its momentum through my body dictates my state of being. Working with the breath can be enhanced by connecting local and nonlocal light energy in order to have an optimal breathing experience. Here are 3 methods to employ heart rate variability optimally:

1. The Pause™. The pause is our awareness of our five bodies. We are not alone. Our five bodies collectively work synergistically with the flow of air returning us to our original condition. Once in a state of neutrality where, intuitive discernment makes action intentional. Intimacy with the breath will guide the breathing technique that best supports our current circumstance. The Pause™ is grace. It is bestowed upon us while in coherent unity with our 5 bodies. Significant importance is given here to the fact that all of matter is wiggly: vibrating at different frequency variations. A sudden cortisol reaction to an outside matter may be a fleeting occasion, if we can only employ The Pause™. In The Pause™, the simple mantra I AM AIR can give the hemoglobin permission to flow oxygenated air right where it needs to be. Have faith!

2. Ritual. Ritual. Ritual. Sacred wholeness is activated with ritual. Alchemy demonstrates the humanoid of a system working with the sacred geometry (I.e. structure) to bring idea, though, action into creation. Human performance within structures proves excellence in sports, work, and relationships. We perform well with structure; ritual in place. Consciously manifesting our reality requires mental assimilation of our complex environment, proving to be contingent on heart rate variability. As we implement our higher mind through the modulation of our heart rate variability, we own our health. It is also advantageous to fellowship with others. Our heart is the catalysts of our 5 body activation within the 3D simulation of the great reality. This is also where spiritual virtues become our riches of life. As we still our minds and focus on our heart in meditation, the heart presents the way. Yoga teaches us breathe of fire, kapalabhati, as a way to support our digestion and elimination. We also have ujjai pranayama, or ”breath of life,” as a way to ride the breath like an elevator up into the higher mind. Through our practice of optimizing heart rate variability, we create both a pressure change and a temperature change. The key is to work with the breath daily in order to automatically modulate (program the subconscious) as needed for any and every circumstance.

3. Domains of Resilience were established by (McCraty, 2015), In this geometrical overly of spheres, heart coherence (represented by sun yellow) is the transverse portal where our highest potentials become probable. The portal of entry and exit of our 5 body activation within the 3d simulation of life. Earth revolves around the sun, our humanoid of a system revolves around the the sunlight of the spirit of our being. In the model, McCarty utilizes spectrum of color supported by math. Green represents victory over emotions (the ability to employ The Pause™). Magenta represents physical health in the present moment, It is the power of self-acceptance right now. This is where the evolving Human physically institutes breath to movement with practices like: yoga, chi-gong, tai-chi etc. Royal blue represents our mental body which is largely influenced by our work with quartz crystals and the pineal gland (the piezoelectric effect). Orange serves a s our color of spirit; the incorporeal being. Everything flows top down: the great central sun being the source energy required to sustain life. Blessed are ye who know these things and do them. Resilience is self-evident as we implement self-discipline, consistency, and courage in our 2nd nature-state. 



Heart Math Institute

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The Yoga Sutras, Patanjali

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