There is karma associated with playing God in others lives. It is both codependency and feeling unworthy of giving “what has been revealed” to ourselves. It shows up in the 7 Chakras which is our energy power centers to connect to God and our Soul Consciousness. The 7 Chakras are also the vortex centers to our various subtle bodies. The negativity, bad attitude, frustration, resentment, and overall unhappiness is what we feel from this behavior manifesting in the Chakras. These defective personality traits are a part of ego, not the Soul. In essence, it blocks our energy and we become uncomfortable. The block of our energy centers where all power flows into manifest as “repeat cycles”. We are not receiving and experiencing all of ourselves in the blocked state and so there is a lost of integrity and clear vision of intuitive action.

The cleansing of the “karma” is the responsibility of the individual. The Chakras operate in accordance with vibration, frequency, and energy. The cleansing is an amends action, God in action, and a sense of willingness to do whatever it takes and to go to any measure to make things right. Right of passage comes when the task is complete and Right of passage is only given by God. We get to see, feel, and sense all of the behavior’s ugliness in our Spiritual experience until atonement. This is where humility is born because we are seeing our shortcomings in this process and must rely heavily on God to carry the amends out completely. The behavior of playing God in other’s lives is against God’s will; it’s a show stopper, spiritually. It negates the flow of God. The Sanskrit word for flow is “nadi”. We are either in the spiritual experience seeking the attainment of enlightenment or not, there is nothing in between. No-one fools God. When we give others something they didn’t do the spiritual work to acquire, we dis-empower their Spiritual Growth. This is evil. The definition of evil is stopping the progression of another soul. When we do this, we are weaving evil into our lives that will show up in the fruits of our harvest. The only question is: who I am right now? How am I really doing? There are no shortcuts to enlightenment. Once the psychic change happens and we are on The Path of enlightenment- there is no unseeing.

Those that we are to help -come freely.


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