The quartz crystal is known as the piezoelectric crystal. The very name "crystal" is attributed to the Greek word for quartz, krustallos, illuminating the sacred geometry within ice crystals. Three cultures of people were called into action when her majesty, Mount Olympus, was ready to give off her holy sacredness to the world. First, the Sumerians, then the Egyptians and finally the Greeks. All came together with their essential expertise and alchemically transformed her natural resource into what we know today as power tool for ascension of the consciousness. The original products made by the adepts were jewelry, ornaments and seals. Mount Olympus so eloquently attracted the Greeks for their archetype based narratives of the gods. The Sumerians were called into action for their architectural ability. While the Egyptians were known for their highly evolved sound and consciousness work with the precious quartz. In this realm of awareness, man's will lives consciously interconnected with the will of nature and the will of God with reverence. Mount Olympia, standing as the highest peak in Greece, represents the Divine Feminine--the womb of fruitfulness. The graceful and nurturing aspects of the Divine Feminine are abundantly evident in Mount Olympia. The interwoven archetypal patterns are also shown; for the Olympian as we know it is one with great strength and highest attainment. From the 15th century, Mount Olympus in Greece was home to the 12 supreme gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses were endowed with the rich sustenance of quartz crystal. The gods and goddesses had clear contracts with God to raise the vibration of intention with quartz crystals, which they then sent out into the world.
Today, on the Earth plane, the quartz crystals are used in The Life Activation, a 5000-year-old form of healing that has been and continues to be passed down from master to student in the lineage of King Salomon. The Modern Mystery School bestows its healers and warriors with authority to facilitate The Life Activation. In this modality, the quartz crystal is used as a medium by which celestial light is directed into the master cell of the body--the pineal gland. The pineal gland; also known as the master cell of the body, is activated by the Piezoelectric Effect, which charges micro-crystals of calcium carbon and oxygen within the pineal gland itself.  The responsiveness by the calcite micro crystals (calcium, carbon, and oxygen) within the pineal gland expands the human experience into the higher mind which manifest as access into the higher possibilities of Human Being. The creation of bioluminescence (a light produced without heat ranging on the color spectrum of blueish-green): also known as celestial light, as a direct reaction to the electromagnetic energies of the quartz crystal. This makes the quartz crystal the higher mind crystal for when used in meditation, it assist in the Human activation, ascension, while returning with you into the physical reality the highest order of intentions with for you.


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