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Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit Activation activates higher aspects of our energy bodies by activating the soul body within the physical body. It is considered Part 2 of The Life Activation - an empowerment healing activating the spirit body within the physical body. Yes, we have 3 bodies: Spirit, Soul, and Physical. All three are our responsibility. An awakened soul body activates the Thalamus region of the brain also known as "the old brain". This is where the pineal and pituitary glands are housed. This region of the brain is known as the seat of the soul. Immense joy enters with a Spiritual Awakening. Once the new state of consciousness is anchored in the physical experience, we require access to our internal navigation system to guide our actions. The Full Spirit Activation does just that! The benefits of the The Full Spirit Activation:

*Greater awareness of Divine Life Purpose

*Truthfulness, Clarity, and Guidance

*Greater responsibility and independence 

*Self-healing and Soulful living

The soul body belongs to the individual by Divine Right. There are seven regions of the soul body and within those seven regions, there are thousands of light energies "pieces" of the soul. Fragments of these light energies can leave the physical when a person experiences trauma or shattering life experiences. The Full Spirit Activation reclaims this part of the who we are and gives the individual full authority of their life. 

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