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Kabbalistic + Enochian Healing

The Kabbalistic + Enochian Healing represent 2 sessions spaced 7-10 days apart. Within these magickal modalities, we have the greatest potential for self-healing. Immaculate longevity is possible for the individual bathed in the celestial light. When we are better, we can do better, and bathing in the Kabbalistic and Enochian light is a marvelous opportunity to recharge our life force energy. A certified Healer and Teacher within The Lineage of King Salomon has the authority to facilitate these advanced healings. All sacred healings within The Modern Mystery School™ honor the oral tradition of teacher to student, mouth to ear in order to keep God and Magick an integral system in accordance with The Great Work. The notable benefits are as follows:

*Deep relaxation

*Alignment and Awareness

*Restore original blueprints

*Clears the past traumas (old programming)

*Fuses Christ Consciousness (acceptance of Reality)

*Increases Presence (feel lighter energetically)

*Profound ability to take action 

*Overall energy upgrade

and so much more........


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